Participating in Episode for couple of weeks now – This is That Which We think about This

Episode is an intriguing blend of a visible publication and adolescent life simulator, which permits you to explore the depth of play, unshared enjoy, affectionate dating, back stabbing and much more. With Episode, intended for cellular platforms (like Android), you can invent your own love play.


Episode comes with a tremendous number of playable events: a few were written by the studio and other by the enthusiast episode generator. The Absolute Most popular types are:

I wed a prince. You, as a kid of a exact noble and old spouse and children, have been sworn into the heir to the throne because of his future wife. Will the love spark in between you and him?

Terrible Boy’s Woman. Your character has just had a beat Jay for many years today. However, most of the sudden his half-brother yields from another town and combines the class. What spin does the narrative simply take from that point?

Started with a lie. Falling in love along with exploring a murder puzzle entirely intertwine, whilst media follows you wherever you go.

It began using a Bra. Well, it’d better be researched personally.

In Episode game you’re given full freedom of inspecting looks of your avatar and your crush. Skin-color & elegance, hairstyle, clothes items, assemble & physique, facial capabilities – design the love interest of one’s own dream!

The moment the character type is complete, you are able to get into the action and survive throughout each and every circumstance you like. Practice trashtalking, compete over your crush’s attention, create friends and show the true hues of those who overpower you… each and every choice in Episode can influence the results of the complete story one manner or another. That means you are able to replay them until all of the endings potential have been unlocked.

Besides it is possible to be a author/director within this game also. Concoct a plot, make characters with unique personalities. Throw in this cocktail a bizarre plot using a couple unexpected twists. And naturally don’t miss the X-factor, that is likely to make this crazy blend burst – romance.

Once your scenario is glossy and complete, you’ll be able to reveal it online with all the enthusiast network: around one hundred million persons like Episode’s testimonies.


Episode is technically a collection of interactive picture novels. Along with its 2-d art style is extremely adequate and lovely. It has a tinge of glamour and gloss, that are very crucial in the drama/love adventures, comprising teenagers. Cut scenes and dialogues are quite simple and also don ‘t quite stutter and overall Episode looks and seems very powerful.


The game doesn’t need a lot a lot of frequent gestures out of you. Just pick a term you desire your character to express , do swiping/tapping if looking for a new outfit/hairstyle out and you’ll be useful. Other than that you’re perhaps not involved directly in the game’s actions.